Deafread – pls re-consider your decision

Hi all

Im formally asking Deafread to re-consider its decision on banning the Cochlear Implant Online website

I dont do this cuz im a fan of this site – im not. I have seen some very audist statements made in blog entries there; however, i believe that when DR decided to shift from a Deaf Culture Centered aggregator to anything that relates to the physical and / or cultural condition of being deaf and Deaf, it expanded its cyber community and audience.

I have been searching for a public statement in one of the DR editors’ websites to help give me the full story and have been emailing with one of them to state my request that they re-consider their decision based on the information I have – the Cochlear Implant Online website was banned when it was discovered that the blogger, Rachel, was a volunteer with Cochlear. I haven’t gotten any information that there is more to the decision.

The rationale for the decision seems like a very difficult thing to have to enforce – meaning the task now before the human editors to weed through every blog / vlog entry and also to research all partisanship or affiliations a blogger / vlogger or guest may or may not have is HUGE and will lead to some slipping past and others not and potential bias. we all have biases folks – and some times those become prejudices but hopefully not. MLK Jr always said there are far more white people of good will than there are of bad. in the d/Deaf sphere it is important for us to know that there are far more people with CI, non-signers, ASL users, big D Deaf folks of good will than there are of bad. If we want to examine injustice, we should be looking at the medical, educational, and social service systems. And sadly today i must say – Deafread – you are a system and a service and without further explanation than what i have been able to gather – i believe you have erred in your ways and it is our loving duty to bring this to your attention as i totally need folks to do so for me when i trip, falter, and sputter through my day.

There is alot of wisdom in the suggestion from All the Young Dudes:

The obvious thing to do is ditch DeafRead Extra, make DeafRead the main aggregator [unmoderated – except for spam and certain other criteria], make it fully searchable via category, search, and tags. Then set up DeafSide as the cultural wing of us more erudite Deafies.

I had written some similar thoughts in What Does Deaf Read Want to Become When It Grows UP

Now if it is stated that a specific website has repeatedly engaged in libel / slander / harassment or has been involved in creating a hostile or unethical cyber environment and DR does not desire to carry them – i think that is all fine and good that DR exercise its editorial good judgment. To my knowledge that is not the stated issue here.

I want to commend DR for all it is undertaking – your work is no easy task. I want to commend you in advance should you be willing to reconsider your decision. It is never easy to backpeddle but it is often very worthwhile and beneficial when we do.

If i am overlooking or unaware of a major point as to how this decision was reached – i totally apologize and i eagerly await learning.