Additional Deafhood comment by Pat Graybill

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Annex spirit tried to omit this comment from our video but the mischief has been detected and overridden with this additional video comment

sorry pat for the mishap



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  1. John Russo
    Apr 01, 2008 @ 19:49:15 old director of “The Adding Machine” in 1984-1985 which I performed @NTID and I called the Department which they would not response my question that I was hoping to buy or recieve the copies of film on “The Adding Machine”. I finally found you and hope you would help to consider to answer this. Gladly, I had with you and you are still best one.. Sincerely,JRusso

  2. Platonic's Eye
    Apr 01, 2008 @ 21:59:58

    I really want to know and learn something about Deafhood. I have read yes but deep in my heart I seem not. I think I need to understand a whole thing. Someday Deafhood workshop will provide in my town hopefully!

  3. DE
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 04:07:41

    Patti- LOL about the annex spirit! 🙂

    Patrick- ME GOOSE-BUMPS! It was a deep honor to meet you and all the other Rochesterians last weekend.

    You said it- we must think of our children and find ways to create a better world for ’em.

    Am still on a Deafhood high thanks to all of you in Rochester! Take care.

  4. Deafhood
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 06:13:09

    I am so glad about Patrick Graybill to say we need to empower Deafhood children.

  5. Jean Boutcher
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 09:44:37

    WoW. I experienced goose bumps
    when Patrick Graybill said to
    empower deaf children. I wish I
    were born much later, for I had
    experienced the plantation mentality (Dr. Allen Sussman’s
    phrase, DPN 1988).

  6. John Mans
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 16:11:07

    Damn it… I wish to know that workshop talks about Deafhood last weekend. I would drive to Rochester for workshop and just two hours from my home in Ontario,Canada. My intention is to collect the information and need to understand about Deafhood, then would provide the workshop at OAD’s convention on Oct 24 to 25/08. Smile…

  7. Suzy
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 18:23:04

    For an April Fool’s vlog–it was no foolin’ & so much for “Annex’s spirit” and the mischieviousness of it all….

    Pat–let’s get the ball rolling re DVDs on the topic of DEAFHOOD. I see what you’re saying and I am for it getting up and running in Boston.

    Patti, DE, Ella and Gertie– why not just stay on the same page and vlog these DEAFHOOD lessons or modules? DEAFHOOD belongs to everyone not just a single person, group or clique or club. I’ve experienced this issue from RI workshop.

    Let the fingers roll and/or do the talking! Look forward to more confirmation medicine the Deaf Way!

  8. pdurr
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 04:17:03

    john r. have passed on ur email to pat – u can also try to contact bonnie meath-lang in performing arts dept if u havent already

    platonic eyes -hope u can be part of a group bringing the Deafhood trio to ur town – since Deafhood is itself a collective praxis, it seems to be most effective when folks have a bookclub, workshop, conference etc to discuss and process together – not in isolation

    DE- Deafhood high – me have been riding it for a few days now – very wonderful but want u to come back soon smile

    Deafhood syas – yep Pat’s message about the CHILDREN is critical

    Jean – even though u were raised under the plantation mentality – u have a very liberated mind and spirit. hope u can be part of raising the children as Pat calls us to do

    John mans – missed it boo. the Deafhood workhsop in rochester was announced many places so sorry u didnt know about it boo
    if u have the trio go to Ontario – me wanna go

    Suzy – yes pats point about Deafhood DVD very important. for me being at the workshop with a LIVE group is very important and cant be replaced by a DVD but maybe the DVD can be used with small group all over the country to watch pause discuss go back to watching more discuss. instead of bookclub have a DVD club ; )

    re; who owns Deafhood – DE Ella Genie Joey Paddy meself and may others always say Deafhood belongs to all of us. the trio have produced alot of vlogs breaking down complex ideas within the Deafhood book already and DE is now teaching a course on Deafhood at Ohlone and posting up materials there so i know they are totally eager to share and disseminate

    they are even talking about a Deafhood summer institute to train others to give workshops and organize events and outreach and activism

    sorry about ur experiences of RI hope u can be a instrument of positive change

    ill blog some resources folks can tap into soon

    good points all

    urs in Deafhood



  9. Nick Vera
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 05:54:23

    Hi Patti,

    It is great to hear the outcome of Deafhood workshop at NTID recently. Hands Wave!

    I would love the “three musketters” to come back for NTID Alumni Reunion weekend in June to expose our alumni members to aware of Deafhood issues and increase of empowerment.

    In the effect of Deafhood, I would love to see the expansion of this program to increase the awareness of our American community.


    Nick Vera

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