Deaf Clubs on the Endangered Habitat list

short video of Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf (RRCD) during a visit from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
r u a member of your local Deaf club or gonna form one? r u a member of NAD?

Deaf clubs, Deaf schools, Deaf organizations are endangered habitats

Cherish Our Deaf Clubs and Organizations – join one today


Patti Durr


Dr. MJ Bienvenu at Deaf Studies Conference in Utah

short summary of some of Dr. Bienvenu’s points during her keynote address “Expedition for a (Deaf) Theory” at the Deaf Studies Conference at Utah Valley University on April 11, 2008

Books by bell hooks

books by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

Ella Mae Lentz
vlogged re: the Deaf-mute as the gravitational force for Deaf culture – might be worth a viewing to see if it links up with MJ’s Deaf-Mute Theory of Visual Beings

MJ’s presentation reminded me of my friend’s favorite quote from Agatha Tiegel Hanson’s speech re: Deaf women and a noble hunger:

“She herself is too strongly impelled by a noble hunger for something better than she has known, too highly inspired by the vista of the glorious future, not to rise with determination and might and move on till all barriers crumble and fall.” (Hanson, 1893)

I believe there is a growing hunger in the land for a more thorough understanding of what it means to be “people of the eye.”

Pls share your thoughts, additions, corrections, questions, etc

I know i have not done Dr. Bienvenu justice with this very very brief summary



Deaf Studies Utah – Vlog re: Dr. Paddy Ladd's Keynote Address

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short vlog re: Dr. Paddy Ladd’s Keynote Address at the Deaf Studies Today Conference at Utah Valley University

Please feel free to add comments re: ur own views on the keynote if u attended or offer any corrections or comments about the vlog

Dr. Ladd asked us to examine if our Deaf Studies are actually sites of colonialism or neo-colonialism

go to: for more info on the Deaf Studies conference and its keynotes

go to: to order past Deaf Studies conference proceedings

For more info on Dr. Maulana Karenga click his name (at bottom list of books) – google him for more articles and other publications

Common Curriculum in Black Studies programs:
Black History, Black Religion, Black Social Organization, Black Politics, Black Economics, Black Creative Production and Black Psychology

hope to vlog on some of the other Keynotes if i get a chance. Hopefully a more eloquent ASLer will beat me to it

biggest thanks and kudos to Bryan Eldredge, Flavia Fleischer, Will Garrow, Cynthia Plue, Brenda Schertz (De’VIA exhibit) and many others for organizing the conference


patti durr

Additional Deafhood comment by Pat Graybill

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Annex spirit tried to omit this comment from our video but the mischief has been detected and overridden with this additional video comment

sorry pat for the mishap



Deafhood workshop in Rochester Rocks

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Video comments from participants at the Deafhood Workshop in Rochester, NY

On March 29, 2008 a full day workshop on Deafhood led by Genie Gertz, David Eberwein, and Ella Mae Lentz was enjoyed by Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing, young, young at heart, folks from Rochester, out of state and outside the U.S. GRCASLTA hosted the event, committee members and volunteers came from GRCASLTA, Orange & Brown Coalition, NTID/RIT, Keuka College and the community. The day would not have been possible if not for the generosity of so many amazing sponsors.