Four Agreements

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In seeing some of the mudslinging, flaming, name calling, finger pointing, misunderstanding, and distortions being tossed around in various b/vlogs – i thought i would revisit one of my favorite short books
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz
Four Agreements of:
Be Impeccable with Your Word
Don’t Take Things Personally
Don’t Make Assumptions
and Always Do Your Best

also discusses the notion of mitote (the fog of our mind) and the importance of being selective of what we put into our minds
futhermore the difference between action and reaction is discussed as well as the importance of having compassion when asserting our passion




10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deaf Pixie
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 20:48:48

    I could not see your face and slight see your hands.. but still have hard time. Try to next vlogger with light lamp to see you better

  2. Jean Boutcher
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 22:23:41

    Sounds like it is a must read, so I will scoot down to Borders’ tomorrow to buy a copy of Ruiz’s work. Is Ruiz a follower of Dharma?

    Merci beaucoup for sharing.

  3. LT
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 05:22:55

    I could not see your message very well. Pointless to watch your vlogging.

  4. pdurr
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 05:50:27


    the video went up so dark

    it was OK when i edited

    must have been the compression?

    not sure what is happening

    sorry it is pretty horrible!

    ill see if i can do again before the holidays using a camcorder – doubtful but will see – see

    regardless the book is really good

    my apologizes for the really bad quality of the video – abusive for the eyes big time



  5. pdurr
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 05:55:04

    Hi Jean

    dont know enough about Toltec beliefs to say for certain its equitable to dharma / karma principles found in Hinduism but on a quick glance it does seem to have parallels

    don’t know enough about Hinduism either for that matter smile but definitely the principles of what u send out is what u receive and what u take in affects ur overall spirit is a reoccuring theme in most world religions

    let me know what u think of the book

    much peace


  6. DE
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 06:25:50

    🙂 kindred souls you and me! I’ve read the book years ago, but only recently it resurfaced in my mind. This week certainly gave me pause, and recalling The Four Agreements certainly helped me. Now your vlog!!! Kindred souls!



  7. Barb DiGi
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 08:45:37

    Wow, thank you for the inspiration. Your information helped me to piece together on how to respond to people who are deficit thinkers.

    when I made reference to your blog. I hope I am responding in an impeccable way (chuckling).


    Barb DiGi

  8. Hilda Richey
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 00:23:36

    It’s so nice to see The Four Agreements presented in ASL. I read the book several years ago and found it very helpful. I highly recommend it. Ruiz also wrote other books on love, knowledge, Toltec prophecies, and fear. Toltec is an ancient spiritual wisdom passed on in Mexico. Thanks for doing the presentation on your vlog.

  9. pdurr
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 09:30:58

    Thanks for ur comments

    I love this book – dont agree with all it says 100% but really find it very helpful and liberating

    glad u do too

    re: being impeccable with our word – it is one of the hardest agreements as the book notes

    i struggle with it very much

    may we use it and many other things as tools in the upcoming NEW YEAR to guide our path, our word, and our action

    Namaste indeed!


  10. Sharon Duchesneau
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 17:30:27

    Patti – I love this book, too. One of my good friends has the four agreements hanging by her bathroom mirror – after many visits to her house (and the bathroom, too!) I have them all memorized by now, smile. What a treat to see you sign them in ASL! Thank you.

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