Artistic Expressions re: Eugenics

hi all

just saw this awesome artwork re: the UK Stop Eugenics campaign

“Who’s Playing God” (artist unknown)

another one got added today(dec 19):
“deaf future under 14(4)(9)” artist unknown
to see some earlier works by Susan Dupor on the subject of eugenics go to:
“F-I-X, the New Eugenics” by Susan Dupor 2000 (U.S.)
and “Eugenics” by Susan Dupor 1999 (U.S.)

id love to insert the images into this posting so u dont have to click and roam but due to needing the artists permission to import etc the links will need to suffice – definitely worth the clicks

What are your thoughts on these works? what do they communicate to u? do u know of other such works examining eugenics and Deaf people?

the artwork “Crying Hands” by David Bloch is now seen as the iconic imagery of eugenics and Deaf people due to it gracing the cover of Horst Biesold’s book of the same title. My recollection of David Bloch explaining this wood block print was that it was to represent the Deaf person’s experience during the Holocaust generally and not so much genetic practices specifically. All the same it is a very powerful image and fits well with Biesold’s examination of the social darwinism continuum

re: the “deficit thinking” debate / dialogue – remember to breath and come from love – the reminder applies to meself as well

many good points are being shared so weed out the stuff that is just flames and trolls stomping through the WWW mudslinging and keep ur eyes on the prize – such as hmmmmmm IVF clinics in the U.S. and U.K. denying disabled folks the right to pass on their own genes – an extreme form of deficit thinking to say the least



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anon
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 11:25:05

    It’s not Bryan’s work. She says in the post you link to that it was an anonymous sub.

  2. pdurr
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 11:31:40

    big thanks for the correction

    have corrected above by stating Artist Unknown



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