Part III – To Be or Not to Be – From Euthanasia to Genocide

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This last video examining Eugenics as it pertains to Deaf people will cover forced abortions and euthanasia. It explains how the Nazis shifted their secret T4 program away from disabled people after public outcry and applied it to Jewish people in concentration camps. Resulting in the murder of over six million Jews – of which it is unknown how many were Deaf or Hard of Hearing (Yad Vashem – Israel Holocaust center says 6,000, Dr. Simon Carmel has estimated 20,000). The website has several testimonies of Deaf Jewish survivors to be viewed – click VIDEOS (collections from NTID, Shoah Foundation, Deaf Mosaic, and summaries from Yale Fortunoff’s collection), also see Deaf Europeans section for information, testimonies and powerpoint on Eugenics and articles on individual Survivors
Discusses briefly how the Nazis not only tried to prevent life they felt unworthy of their nation but also tried to promote life from the purest and best Aryan stock via their Lebensborn program and various progaganda

Invaluable resources on this topic:
also covers Deaf Nazi



awesome guide on Deaf people and WWII listing books, articles, videos, etc prepared by Joan Naturale, Deaf librarian at RIT growing website covering Deaf people and WWII – for focus on eugenics and Deaf Jewish people click Deaf Europeans
U.S. Holocaust Museum – Nazi Persecution of the Disabled: Murder of “The Unfit” for discussion and position response on the UK bill before parliament re: selective breeding SITE ADDRESSING CURRENT SELECTIVE BREEDINGS
Current euthanasia done to disabled and terminal Dutch infants

sorry for the volume of postings i have put up – needed to get this stuff all done and out before my break finishes – back to work tmw so things will slow down here big time in terms of my blogging / vlogging but will look forward to any comments or insights u all wanna share

be well and if u live where there is snow – go out and play. if u dont – still go out and play! smile




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  1. Jean Boutcher
    Dec 02, 2007 @ 18:04:08

    What a wealth of inforamtion about the Hitlerian eugenics you have collected for a film! Very educational. I hope many deaf students will be assigned to this site for their history classes. Merci beaucoup for sharing.

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