Videos After Black Friday Oct 13, 2006

Part I

Part II

Hi all

found a tape with some protest footage from after Black Friday October 13, 2006 so edited together these two shorts.

re: the footage – this is not documentary quality – its guerilla filmmaking for sure – no tripod and quick and messy editing but if i dont get it up and out the tape will go missing again. Please be forgiving when the camera is bouncy – it happened when folks bumped into me – it was crowded.

4 of my favorite moments in the videos:
1 student signing – “We shall over come”
and another saying “Gallaudet is to Deaf people as Israel is for Jewish People”
Donalda signing “this is a PEOPLE’s PROTEST”
and the hearing students from George Washington U.
– how impassioned they are and how positively the crowd responds to them

When the protest began in May – I emailed the filmmakers for “Through Deaf Eyes” in case they hadnt finished filming and would want to include some footage of the protest. They responded that coincidently they had been on campus showing a rough cut of the film to some folks at Gallaudet for their input and inquired about the protest – they were told it was insignificant and not documentary worthy so they didnt bother taping any of it.

Don’t know if Gallaudet media dept covered the protest at all. I do hope someone some days makes a high quality documentary on the subject. I very much would like to see things from Dr. Jordan and Fernandes point of view also. There was a Deaf U.S. filmmaker who now lives in Europe (Sweden me think) who was getting a ton of footage – really hope u make the documentary – its important

Rays of Raychelle has a very powerful testimony of her experience being arrested on Black Friday

Short clips of folks sharing their arrest experiences the day after Black Friday

Some short student-made documentaries on the protest that you might want to check out:
Tara’s Story by Melissa Malzkuhn 13 minutes (Follows the protest through the eyes of one of the student leaders)
Unity for Who? by Roxanne Dummett and Andrew Jones 10 minutes (Examines race and privilege within the context of the protest)
ASL Artistry of the 2006 protest by Samuel-Scott H. Reekers 10 ½ minutes (Explores ASL poetry, ABC stories, and performances generated in response to the protest)
A Journey of Gallaudet Protest and Rally by Ruthie Jordan 24 minutes (Documents the protest, the march on the capital, and the rally when the news came in of Fernandes termination as president by the board)



ps: thanks Amy CE for catching the wrong year in Part I – i had realized my boo boo while i was editing Part II (also caught error in part II before i put it up – i have a BIG problem with numbers)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean Boutcher
    Nov 29, 2007 @ 00:18:38

    Patti the Historian!

    I love this blog-vlog because it is like the collection of all events of both the DPN and
    UFG in ONE form. Now I bookmark it among my favourites for my future references. You must have
    worked very hard.

    Merci beaucoup!

  2. Jean Boutcher
    Nov 29, 2007 @ 00:21:25

    P.S. Did anyone camrecord the
    ceremony of the Jordans at the
    SAC and Linda Jordan Art Gallery? It is a must to add to
    your collection.

  3. pdurr
    Nov 30, 2007 @ 07:05:26


    thanks jean

    i have seen some footage of the Linda Jordan Art Gallery ceremony – i dont recall which videos i saw it in but i dont believe any of those clips r up on line

    i have not seen any video of the SAC ceremony

    there may be stuff taped that folks have not edited or shared



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