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cover of the book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen. Photo at top of the punk protest band - women in colorful dresses and leggins and balaclava (ski masks) with black background and white text of title and author below)

cover of the book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen. Photo at top of the punk protest band – women in colorful dresses and leggins and balaclava (ski masks). Two women holding a guitar, another a microphone, another a purple flag with a solidarity fist, several women doing the solidarity salute. Black background and white text of title and author below)

i just finished reading Words Will Break Cement: the Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen (thank you kc for feeding me the good stuff)

so just a few quotes to post so i dont loose sight of them later in life

“In all societies, public rhetoric involves some measure of lying, and history – political history and art history – is made when someone effectively confronts the lie.  But in really scary societies all public conversation is an exercise in using words to mean their opposites – in describing the brave as traitorous, the weak as frightening, and the good as bad – and confronting these lies is the most scary and lonely thing a person can do.” ~ Gressen from Words Will Break Cement

that passage is particularly important to me because i believe in peaceful direct confrontation in the quest for justice.  Confront the lies can be mighty lonely at times.  too many folks are colonized and fearful.  i have seen how public conversation has been used to promote misconceptions about the people who really are working for the greater good

Gressen’s book takes its title from Nadya’s closing statement in which she quotes from Solzhenitsyn “So the word is more sincere than concrete?  So the word is not a trifle?  Then may noble people begin to grow, and their word will break cement.”

this is really beautiful to me

Veditz signed of a noblest gift and Agatha Tiegel Hanson wrote of a noble hunger and Solzhenitsyn and Nadya talk of NOBLE people.

Speak up folks – they can not hear us as their minds and hearts are closed.  STAND and demand justice.

“Still, there was value in fighting for the sake of fighting.” ~ Gessen

which has been stated many times and many ways by believers in civil disobedience and direct peaceful confrontation yet many folks forget or know not of

From one of Maria’s trials she stated, “A philosopher name Heidegger once said that language is the house of being.”

to me this is very powerful especially for Deaf folks who are often denied a fully natural and accessible language from the cradle.  it is not the context and meaning of which maria meant it but it is poignant and again ties into the word and into one’s ability to confront the lies and to break the cement – via language whether it be written, signed, spoken, or visual (ie art)

and in another of Nadya’s trials, she quotes Joseph Brodsky from his Nobel lecture ” The more substantial an individual’s aesthetic experience is, the sounder his taste, the sharper his moral focus, the freer- though not necessarily the happier – he is.” She goes on to say, “We in Russia once again find ourselves in a situation where resistance, especially aesthetic resistance, becomes the only viable moral choice as well as a civil duty.”

alice walker wrote that resistance [to oppression] is the secret to possessing joy

so im mighty thankful to the folks who protested at Advanced Bionics headquarters – an over-the-top wealthy corporation that has engaged in unethical and harmful dealings by marketing defective cochlear implants that have shocked and harmed children

im thankful to Audism Free America for calling for an impartial and independent investigation into the safety of pediatric cochlear implants as too many of the “studies” are financed and conducted by cochlear implant corporations and LSL and audiologists who have a vested interest.  corporate deviance is real folks – check out the billion dollar fine against toyota and GM’s coverup (and many many others in the past and to be in the future) The cochlear implant INDUSTRY has gone unmonitored and unaccounted – time to do some community acCOUNTability where it counts folks

im thankful to the folks who DIVEST from the EHDI system until it cleans up its act and stops promoting medical “cures” that require EXPLANTING and oral / aural ONLY solutions that prohibit the use of ASL and get the govt to finance oppressive and abusive practices as “best practices” and “medical homes” and “tracking and surveillance”

folks who need to “see how” EHDI works by attending their conference actually end up supporting (with $ by paying the high registration fees) and by providing their bodies as walking-signing/talking Deaf beings to give the illusion of inclusion – this is not cool and folks need to DIVEST.  If they must go – they should be on the outside STANDING tall to make the invisible visible – DECEIT is NOT SWEET.

NOTE – Advanced Bionics and Cochlear LTD are big sponsors of the upcoming EHDI Conference.  Both Advanced Bionics and Cochlear ltd have been fined, had recalls, and had MAJOR million dollar lawsuits against them and LOST soooooo why would anyone go to an EHDI conference – DIVEST BOYCOTT DEMONSTRATE and demand change folks

Words have power.  Showing up and thinking u r gonna make nice and change one heart at a time just makes you complicit.  The hour is way past “show” and “tell” – it is time to do direct peaceful confrontation with love.

I am super duper especially thankful to all the Deaf View / Image Art De’VIA artists for they really do make the invisible visible and they use visual language (art) and words (via text, si5s) and ASL in art as a form of resistance.  Affirming the good and challenging the bad on our way to liberation

Most especially i wanna thank folks who are out there on the ground protesting the environmental destruction of our planet – of all the current woes facing humanity – protesting the destruction of our mother should be #1.  I think often of late on Pete Seeger’s words about how he had realized that his protesting war and nuclear proliferation would mean very little because soon there would be no world to protect due to climate change so he threw his activism into environmentalism and set up Clearwater.  I want a Clearwater – we need a boat – dont we? ; )

we really are killing ourselves fastly folks so i hope u will get involved with: Idle No More (they rock) or 350 degrees (champ) or the Occupy movement (the 1% are really the ones putting us on the brink of annihilation.  Greed breeds many evils – chief amongst them is not thinking even 1 generation out – Chief Seattle implored us to think 7 generations out!)

if u want to know how good and true Nadya and Maria are – you can see how beautifully they handle an attack on them when they went to a town to try to gain rights for women prisoners (remember they were sentenced to 2 years in penal colonies simply for dancing and singing in a church for a few minutes to expose how Putin and the Russian Orthodox church were in cahoots – in prison they were subjected to terribly inhumane conditions.  They engaged in several important hunger strikes and have won many improvements in some prisons and upon release continue to FIGHT for those who have no resources or recourse to do so.  They also staged a simple concert in Sochi (again to make visible the invisible of Putin’s dictatorship) and were greeted with whips and physical abuse

trigger warning – the videos shows aggression and hostility.  Note- it does not come from Pussy Riot

scroll down for the videos

LOVE is the answer folks.  Keep standing

oh and most especially thank you Nadya and Maria and the other members of Pussy Riot for being braver than brave and for living up to the creed that MLK Jr and Gandhi and so many others have tried to teach us.   see when folks use the term pussy in derogatoly way to mean weak. They are totally WRONG pussys are strong  - dont believ me – just learn how pussy riot got its start

“A man who does not have something for which he is willing to die is not fit to live.” ~ MLK Jr

thanks kc for giving me some new heroines



Advanced Bionics Put Profit Over People q

Advanced Bionics headquarters against a blue sky with black lettered spray painted signs on white poster boards hanging in front on a fence spelling out the words (AB) HARMS DEAF CHILDREN July 2013

Advanced Bionics headquarters against a blue sky with black lettered spray painted signs on white poster boards hanging in front on a fence spelling out the words (AB) HARMS DEAF CHILDREN July 2013

ADVANCED BIONICS keeps shocking us.

Advanced Bionics Put Profit Over People q

We have been sharing info on the dangers of cochlear implants for a while here at the People of the Eye place simply because no one else was.

It wasn’t anything i wanted to pursue or even think about.  But the truth kept on a calling and there are more truths to be told.

In addition to Advanced Bionics being fined by the FDA to the tune of $1.1 million dollars and having numerous recalls and having caused alot of deaths from meningitis infections post implantation – it was sued by a KY family who’s daughter got shocked by her Advanced Bionics cochlear implant four years AFTER it was implanted due to a moisture leak.  A Ky jury awarded the family over $7 million dollars.

[see A Tool That Shocks - Advanced Bionics & AG Bell]

The latest is more facts are coming out about how Advanced Bionics engaged in corporate deviance – knowingly allowing their faulty devices to remain out on the market.  This is a HUGE problem folks cuz these devices dont just sit on shelves, they don’t just travel in people’s pockets – they get implanted into the brain – yes the electrodes make contact with the brain and moisture leak where there is brain fluid is NOT NOT NOT NOT cool.

Deceit is not sweet. – So see the latest news story from the Today show of NBC about a family that is VERY upset that their daughter got a faulty implant.  Language delay is not cool.  Corporate deviance is derelict.  Profit from false prophecies unjust.

Note the quote from the doctor in the news:

Dr. Gadre says he’s angry that small children were forced to undergo multiple, traumatic surgeries.

“I think those human beings made a terrible decision,” he said. “When you start putting profits before people, because that’s the only way I can interpret this, if you start putting profits before people it never comes to a good end. There’s no way that that could ever come to a good end.”

Advanced Bionics putting profit over WEE people is totally unconscionable.  AG Bell Association being associated (ie in bed with Advanced Bionics) – accepting HUGE amounts of money from Advanced Bionics and featuring them as their major conference sponsors is WRONG.

With a capital A for Audism and C for capitalism.


Very thankful that Audism Free America held a peaceful demonstration at Advanced Bionics in July 2013 and spelled out the truth to help make the invisible visible.

group of protesters in front of Advanced Bionics hold up white poster boards with black spraypainted letters spelling out (AB) Harms Deaf Children in the scorching heat of LA, CA July 2013

group of protesters in front of Advanced Bionics hold up white poster boards with black spray painted letters spelling out (AB) Harms Deaf Children in the scorching heat of LA, CA July 2013

Audism Free America started a petition calling upon the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate and impartial and independent investigation into the safety of cochlear implants especially in children.  The petition has over 1500 signatures at the PETITION ONLINE site – Please feel free to sign and circulate.  Many prominent folks have signed the petition such as Drs. Ben Bahan and Harlan Lane.  Add your John Hancock so that we get ANSWERS.

toss the maniacal monkey & creepy clowns

we have been examining the unexamined at the People of the Eye place.

A while back we did the series on the Right to be …. Deaf that exposed how Deaf babes to be are not wanted (see genetic testing and tossing) and once they arrive they are not welcomed (see Universal New Born Screening ie eugenics era 2.0)

"...Push the Red Button" by Susan Dupor  Description: Painting of a stuffed monkey with stripped red and white paints, yellow vest, and thimbles.  Blank staring glass eyes, sitting on a wooden shelf with the edge of a shadow showing.  Background and frame painted institutional green with many tiny nails holes pounded in to represent an audiology lab sound proofing.

“…Push the Red Button” by Susan Dupor Description: Painting of a stuffed monkey with stripped red and white paints, yellow vest, and thimbles. Blank staring glass eyes, sitting on a wooden shelf with the edge of a shadow showing. Background and frame painted institutional green with many tiny nails holes pounded in to represent an audiology lab sound proofing.

and today we discuss the Maniacal Monkey, Terrifying Teddies, and Creepy Clowns in the audiology testing lab.

Many moons ago i was reading a gallery catalog listing from a De’VIA exhibit Brenda Schertz had organized for one of the Deaf Studies conferences and i saw a listing for Susan Dupor’s … Push the Red Button artwork and i was like I MUST HAVE IT.

Yes i hadn’t even seen the work but i knew sight unseen that it was something i would recognize – why? cuz i have been to the audiology lab – in fact it is the first place i remember being pressured not to be ME.  The first place i remember fibbing.  The first place i remember being pressured to conform to someone else’s norm.

So when Susan Dupor came to town many moons ago to present – i asked her “… Push the Red Button” is it sold?  Nope she said

to which i replied – its mine.  i must have it.  SOLD.

And since that time its been hanging out with me and often – very often – someone will take notice of it.  Once a graduate student from Thailand kept having her eyes pulled away from the paper she was reading up to the “…Push the Red Button” and then she said

“what is that about?”

So i said what i normally say to folks

“What do u think?”

and she said “well back home in Thailand when i would have to go to the audiology lab for my hearing test there was always this monkey staring at me.  He look-same THAT-one”and i thought wow a universal experience with a universally creepy mascot monkey.
NOT COOL audiologists around the globe


cease and desist with the maniacal monkeys, creepy clowns, and terrifying teddies.

I can not tell u how many folks see the “…Push the Red Button” and go – “ohhh not cool.  i remember that dude.  haunted my dream-word, gave me nightmares”

And they add to the list to the freaky menagerie.  Monkeys, clowns, and bears – OH NO!

From the monkey (that actually was adopted by Advance Bionics – see Bionic Buddy.  There was even an inflatable giant size monkey mascot at an ICED congress before they repealed and regretted the ICED 1880 resolutions of oral / aural only and issued the just, right and good ICED 2010 New Era Agreement and Accord of the Future).

Monkeys – REALLY.

Ya think all Deaf children are monkey see monkey do folks?  We know operant and classical conditioning are a huge part of  audiological and speech pathology but seriously – ya all should LISTEN to your clientele.

Toss the terrifying teddies, creepy clowns, and maniacal monkeys.

Yes we see you too COCHLEAR LTD – with your implanted stuffed Koala bears.

The younger generation of survivors of the audiology lab testing tell me that some of these freaky creatures have eyes that light up and frighteningly glow when they, the child, the subject/object, pushed the red button or raised their hands correctly.  Instead of being an incentive for guessing / performing correctly – for many children it has been a fear factor.  Others have told me of how the animal, prop, visual reward-system object is concealed in a black box and if they pushed the red button correctly the box would light up and the creature or clown would be illuminated.

All of them say “I HATED THAT THING.”


so psssstttt – audiologist folks – you might want to have a survivor who is not ga ga reward-punishment BF Skinner boxes be a consultant and im sure most of them will tell ya – toss the freaky creatures.

In fact a few years ago when Ruthie and i toured the Cochlear Americas’ headquarter in Colorado – after they had brought us past their cubicle farms for tons of folks calling parents, patients, doctors and insurance companies to get CIs covered by the government and raving about remote controlled features of CI, they took us into a super size audiology lab and i felt a bit of a shudder creep down my spine.  And then i said – “so it seems you dont have any of those freaky monkeys in here?” to which ruthie added “or koala bears – COCHLEAR LTD is Australia based” and i was like yep yep right.  and then the Gallaudet graduated interpreter turned audiologist turned implant sales person interpreted to the Cochlear Americas business rep who then said “oh no, we don’t have that kind of thing” but when we went down the hall and saw an older Deaf woman getting tested on her 2nd implant and we mentioned to the audiologist there we were surprised to see no stuffed bears etc she said -

“oh we have them – in the lab in the next room.  this room here is adult testing – no stuff animals here. “

The business person said “no! there are no bears”

- i looked at the audiologist and she looked like i did when i was 4 and pressured to go against the truth in an audiology lab.

The business manager slipped away and we chatted with the older Deaf woman who was in the mapping testing so that she could have more control over the settings and not be at the mercy of someone else turning dials and setting settings on her head.  Then the sales lady returned to say

“i checked the next lab room and there is not stuff animal”

i thought – geez thats odd that she needed to do that then i looked at the seated audiologist and she mouthed to me while the salesperson wasn’t looking



deceit is not sweet folks

so audiologists across the globe – toss the maniacal monkeys, creepy clowns, and terrifying teddies will ya

this is a rite of passage that is not right, just or good

bearlabone person after seeing Susan Dupor’s “…Push the Red Button” artwork made his own work.  It consisted of polyform foam shaped items set in a shoe box.  The shoe box had a large rectangle window cut into it, with a sheet of tinted plastic placed over it so you had

bearlabcloseupto look through the window much like looking into the audiology testing lab.  in one corner on a shelf was a sad looking teddy, on one wall was a 9 Volt battery with a lever and a metal wire running from the 9Volt battery to

bearchildthumbtacksoversized headset placed on a child sitting in what looked like an electric chair.  At the lever was another super sized teddy bear ready to pull the switch. Yep, this is how a young Deaf man felt about his time in the audiology lab chair.  Torture.




One young Deaf person told me she remembered all that stuff in addition to the darkened room with a spinning chair that she was too terrified to sit in so the audiologist held her in her lap as the chair spun round and round.

I asked what was that about?  What was it for?

She said “no idea.”

she said “The audiology center was right next to the hospital i was born at in Florida and since the time i can remember i had to go there for various testings and experiments.”

Experiments, folks.

2nd wave has been going strong for a while now

no worries – we are legions and we will win a 100 times over

just start telling the truth folks and making the invisible VISIBLE and demanding Ya Basta!

For YOU and for Me

we could say its me menopause but today i find meself very emotional and while i’ve been very busy and stressed i think that the culprit of my tears to day is just some days the ancestors come a callin’ more strongly than others.

so my morning started with some tears and my evening eases into bed time with tears – what triggered them?  Well Chuck and George.

still from Chuck Baird interview on Spectrum's old property - filmed by Tracey Salaway

still from Chuck Baird interview on Spectrum’s old property – filmed by Tracey Salaway

this morning when showing a short video about Spectrum – a Deaf Artists colony that ran in Austin, Texas from 1975-1980 – Chuck Baird got me all emotional.  Its true it was hard to watch the video after he had passed 2 years ago and then again after Betty G. Miller departed because she too is in the video.  This spring i was a little more prepared to watch it without such raw sorrow but Chuck got me anyways.


well, watching him and his quirky funny way of explaining things got me remembering how about 6 years ago he had contacted me with the idea of having a 20th anniversary for Deaf View/Image Art -De’VIA (art about the Deaf experience) and i was like SURE, YES, and HOW CAN I HELP?

(we had worked on a series of display posters on De’VIA motifs and themes for the 2008 NAD conference to show the evolution and growth of De’VIA and of course Chuck wanted more – not just posters but people coming together to share their work and celebrate De’VIA’s anniversary)

Chuck sent out some emails and postings to see if folks were interested and he felt he didnt get a strong enough response and probably was experiencing health issues but didnt want to share at that time so decided it was best we didnt pursue it.

Now it is De’VIA’s 25th anniversary and we aim to honor it with all our hearts and of course me heart breaks knowing Chuck wont be there in person.  I know he will be with us in spirit – for sure!  But im sad.  It makes me sad.  6 years ago when he proposed the idea – i didnt know he was sick and i didnt feel i had the right to lead such a thing.  so im just a wee bit sad i didnt do more sooner.  I aint angry with myself – just a bit weepy.  He did so much for You and for Me.

I’m sorry chuck.  real sorry.  But we will make your dream come true.  I promise.

my evening tears come when reading a bunch of papers and in one response about an artwork honoring George Veditz, a wonderful person has written: “I know George Veditz and he actually saved my life by preserving a beautiful language and encouraged us to choose ourselves.  We don’t choose by forcing us.”

This just made me so happy.  Years ago i read a quote by martin luther king jr that i latched onto and have not let go “we must have the spiritual audacity to assert our somebodiness” – to me the concept of being encouraged to choose ourselves, to choose our language – this is having the spiritual audacity to assert our somebodiness.  it does not come from force – it comes from encouragement and inspiration.

And this wee comment amongst many other things i have to read and do tonight got me thinking of a short tribute amongst many other tributes to George W. Veditz in the Maryland Bulletin April 1937 Vol. LVII No 7 p. 126 it made me cry and it chokes me up every time since.

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 9.23.48 PM

Maryland Bulletin April 1937 Vol. LVII No 7 p. 126

Makes me cry.


well, im not sure – mostly i guess cuz i feel i should have and could have done more sooner and cuz George really did, has done, and is doing so much for YOU and for Me and cuz so many of us are doing so little for ourselves and our language.

But i have hope – with chaps like these stopping by – we cant go wrong.  And there are MANY good folks on the ground so Forward march.  We are not alone and we are legions.

Ahhh – A Flag of Our Own

Have you seen the Deaf Union flag? (note: scroll down for info on ordering a flag of your own and for this blog entry in French)

Arnaud Balard, signing STAND, with the Deaf Union flag

Arnaud Balard, signing STAND, with the Deaf Union flag

Its a GRAND new flag designed by a Deaf-blind artist in France.  His name is Arnaud Balard and I am eternally grateful that i had the good fortune to meet him at the Kentucky DeaFestival in 2012.  You can see Arnaud explain his Surdism Manifesto, which is very similar to the De’VIA manifesto, yet it includes other genres that express information about the Deaf experience; such as poetry, film, theatre.  Surdism, which was coined in 2009, differs from De’VIA, which was coined 25 years ago, in that it utilizes terms such as audism and Deafhood.

Arnaud didn’t just idly sit around and come up with the design for the Deaf Union flag – instead he engaged in vexillology, studying flags from all over the globe and for different purposes, aesthetics, and messages.  As Dr. Don Grushkin aptly stated, Arnaud’s flag has a very FLAGGISH look and feel to it.  We have seen other logos, motifs, flags, and banners created to try to signify Deaf-folks.  This is the first we have seen that really says PEOPLE OF THE HANDEYE.

When Audism Free America was given the honor of using the Deaf Union flag for the first time during the ASL & Deaf Pride parade in April 2013, people were eagerly trying to get their hands on their own personal Deaf Union flag.  As the small and large flags waved in the wind – it seemed to shout out – Signing people on the rise and on the move!  I ordered a Deaf Union flag and it has been waving through the seasons of falling leaves and falling snow (and i look forward to what it will look like come spring).  It is filling me with joy and hope – love and courage.  This past Fall at the 2nd annual Deaf-mute Banquet at NTID where L’Epee’s birthday and the 100th Anniversary of Veditz’ Preservation of Sign Language film were honored, the Deaf Union flag was given out to attendees and later when we moved into the Panara theatre and people wanted to wave applause – many waved the Deaf Union flag instead.  This turquoises hand, outlined in gold and resting upon a dark blue background, moves in the wind or when carried as gracefully and freely as our hands do as we use natural sign language

“We were isolated in the midst of society; today we are reunited…Today we have united our intellects, our efforts, our lights; today we constitute one body; all of us, active and devoted members, desire the well-being of that body; today, we who were not, ARE!” ~Claudius Forestier

Deaf Union Flag colors:

Turquoise – represents how the Deaf community cherishes Sign Language

Gold – symbolizes light, hope, knowledge, and enlightenment

Dark Blue – indicates Deafhood, an individual and collective journey to combat audism and embrace Deaf gain.  The concept of Deafhood was introduced by Dr. Paddy Ladd who also establied the Blue Ribbon ceremony to commemorate the experiences of Deaf people around the globe.  Dark blue is also the color used by the World Federation of the Deaf.

to order the flag – send order info to

you can pay via Pay Pal

sizes and costs below

1. Deaf Union Flag Extra-Large Size 100×150 cm (39,4×59 inches) Polyester textile at 99.5 euros (+ shipping costs),

2. Deaf Union Flag Large Size 60×90 cm (23,6×35,5 inches) Polyester textile at 69.5 euros (+ shipping costs),

- Deaf Union Flag Medium Size 30×45 cm (11,8×17,7 inches) Polyester textile at 39, 5 euros (+ shipping costs),

- Deaf Union Flag Small Size 20×30 cm (7,9×11,8 inches) Polyester textile with wooden flagpole 45 cm (17,7 inches) at 10 euros (+ shipping costs).

Shipping costs from Europe are approximately 17 euros, but if demand is high in the US, we will stock and ship them from the US to reduce shipping costs.
We will not ship flagpoles, as they increase a lot the shipping costs, but it’s easy and costless to find and buy poles at any hardware store.
For now, we offer a package of a Small Size Flag offered with any order of a bigger Flag, which results indirectly as a 10 Euro discount.

The Deaf Union flag is getting around.  Arnaud thank you so much for creating, caring, daring and sharing.  Long live, long live the emancipation of the Deaf.

Deaf Union Flag in front of Eiffel tower Paris France

Deaf Union Flag at the White House Washington DC

Deaf Union Flag at the White House Washington DC

Deaf Union Flag at NTID Rochester NY

Deaf Union Flag at NTID Rochester NY

Video of Arnaud Balard introducing his Deaf Union flag

arnaud balard flag at homeAhhhh – A Flag of Our Own!!!!!!!!!

Translation into French via google translator below:

Avez-vous vu le drapeau de l’Union des Sourds ?

Arnaud Balard , signant STAND , avec le drapeau de l’Union des Sourds
Arnaud Balard , signant STAND , avec le drapeau de l’Union des Sourds

C’est un nouveau drapeau GRAND conçu par un artiste de surdi-cécité en France . Son nom est Arnaud Balard et je suis éternellement reconnaissante d’avoir eu la chance de le rencontrer au Kentucky DeaFestival en 2012 . Vous pouvez voir Arnaud expliquer son Surdism Manifeste , qui est très similaire à la manifeste De’VIA , mais il inclut d’autres genres qui expriment des informations sur l’expérience des Sourds ; tels que la poésie , le cinéma , le théâtre . Surdism , qui a été inventé en 2009 , diffère de De’VIA , qui a été inventé il ya 25 ans , en ce qu’il utilise des termes tels que audisme et Deafhood .

Arnaud n’a pas seulement les bras croisés s’asseoir autour et arriver à la conception pour le drapeau de l’Union des Sourds – à la place il s’est engagé dans la vexillologie , l’étude des drapeaux de partout dans le monde et à différentes fins , l’esthétique et les messages . Comme le Dr Don Grushkin justement mis en scène , le drapeau de Arnaud a un look très FLAGGISH à elle. Nous avons vu d’autres logos , motifs , drapeaux et bannières créées pour tenter de signifier sourds – gens . C’est la première que nous avons vu que dit vraiment PEUPLE DE LA œil-main .

Lorsque Audism Free America a eu l’honneur d’utiliser les drapeaux de l’Union des Sourds pour la première fois lors du défilé ASL et sourds fierté en Avril 2013 , les gens ont été avec impatience tentent de mettre la main sur leur propre drapeau personnel Union des Sourds. Comme les petits et les grands drapeaux agités par le vent – il semblait crier – Signature des personnes sur le lieu et sur ​​le mouvement ! J’ai commandé drapeau de l’Union des Sourds et il a été en agitant jusqu’à l’automne et dans la neige – me remplir de joie et d’espérance . L’automne dernier, lors de la 2e Banquet sourd-muet annuel à NTID où L’ Epee’s anniversaire et le 100e anniversaire de la préservation Veditz ‘ d’un film en langue des signes ont été honorés , le drapeau de l’Union des Sourds a été remis aux participants et plus tard, quand nous avons emménagé dans la Panara théâtre et les gens voulaient des vagues d’applaudissements – beaucoup agitaient le drapeau de l’Union des Sourds place. Cette turquoises main , décrit en or et reposant sur un fond bleu foncé , se déplace dans le vent ou lorsqu’il est effectué avec autant de grâce et librement que nos mains ne nous utilisent comme langue des signes naturel
«Nous étions isolés dans le milieu de la société , aujourd’hui nous sommes réunis … Aujourd’hui, nous avons uni nos intelligences , nos efforts , nos lumières , et aujourd’hui nous constituons un seul corps, nous tous , membres actifs et dévoués , le désir du bien-être de cette corps ; ! aujourd’hui, nous qui ne sont pas , sont « ~ Claude Forestier

Union des Sourds couleurs de drapeau :

Turquoise – représente la façon dont la communauté sourde chérit la langue des signes

Gold – symbolise la lumière , l’espoir , la connaissance et l’illumination

Bleu foncé – indique Deafhood , un voyage individuel et collectif pour lutter contre audisme et embrasser le gain sourds . Le concept de Deafhood a été présenté par le Dr Paddy Ladd qui a également establied la cérémonie du ruban bleu pour commémorer les expériences de personnes sourdes dans le monde entier .

Le drapeau de l’Union des sourds se fait autour . Arnaud merci beaucoup pour la création , la compassion , l’audace et le partage . Vive , vive l’émancipation des Sourds .

Sourds drapeau de l’Union devant la tour Eiffel Paris France

Sourds drapeau de l’Union à la Maison Blanche à Washington DC
Sourds drapeau de l’Union à la Maison Blanche à Washington DC

Sourds drapeau de l’Union à NTID Rochester NY
Sourds drapeau de l’Union à NTID Rochester NY

Vidéo d’Arnaud Balard présentant son drapeau de l’Union des Sourds

CI CO.rruption and Uncool Cops

some items in the news for your review:

Cochlear implants -

Cochlear LTD of Australia founded by Graeme Clark loses $131.2 MILLION to Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research.  See

There’s $$$$$ in them thar ears, eh?

A lab at MIT has been playing with a 100% implantable CI implant.  There has been a mad dash to try to make a fully implantable CI (no external processor) for a while now. Recall the Denver, Colorado Co. that got sued by a French company for stealing over its talents and trade secrets.  The Co. company – Otologics was fined $5.9 million dollars

Why would they want a fully implantable CI??  well then the kiddies cant mess around with the external processor and break, loose, toss, hide, etc the external part of the device.  It is not enough that they can now remote control CI (parents, teachers, aides, audiologists, doctors, etc can turn off and on a child’s cochlear implants at whim – without the child’s consent).  the child can still tamper with the external device, they can still resist wearing the external device, they can still make it difficult to keep the external device on them so…. lets remove that “option” completely.

Making the device 100% implantable is not going to make it work better – in fact it will make it harder to repair and access in order to check or change.  It also will mean that folks can NOT simply get an upgrade on their external processor that would be compatible with their internal part.  Instead it would mean that they would have to have to be explanted (existing internal part taken out) in order for the 100% implantables to be put in.  We also don’t know if that will require new drilling spots through the skull due to explanting the old models and making room for the new internal part and w/ battery parts that would now be internal.

Interesting, eh?

of course there is still buzz here and there about stem cells but nothing definitive and you really cant get honest answers as to if the various existing cochlear implants will even be eligible for stem cell what with all the drilling and electrodes etc to the hair cells there.  Cant regrow what aint there no more

the 100% implantable implant has been done with moderate to severe via the envoy esteem – ya know like with the sarah c. viral video “Deaf since birth woman hears for the first time” bs (bs cuz she could hear a great deal before that implant.  all the implant did for her was bump up her ability to hear a bit more.  Hear perfectly and clearly and everything – no) see FDA – scroll down for

We wont even talk about genetics folks

it is a brave new world and yep – u aint wanted.  dont believe us?  just check out what Belgium just approved re: children and if ya think – well they dont see Deaf = terminally ill and unbearably suffering recall the Deaf Belgian twins that were euthanized recently

yep and i aint even finished reading War Against the Weak by E. Black.  just cant get too far through it as i have studied up on eugenics and well wow humanity is so inhumane sometimes methink

New article out:

Precarious Plasticity

Neuropolitics, Cochlear Implants, and the Redefinition of Deafness by Laura Mauldin published in Science, Technology and Modern Values

(very important folks!!! this is why EHDI has been so deceitful and harmful and pro-anything auditory/oral – see karl white’s finishing the EHDI revolution manifesto in the volta review)

Precarious Plasticity: Neuropolitics, Cochlear Implants, and the Redefinition of Deafness by Laura Mauldin
Abstract: This article provides an ethnographic account of pediatric cochlear implantation, revealing an important shift in the definition of deafness from a sensory loss to a neurological processing problem. In clinical and long-term therapeutic practices involved in pediatric implantation, the cochlear implant (CI) is recast as a device that merely provides access to the brain. The “real” treatment emerges as long-term therapeutic endeavors focused on neurological training. This redefinition then ushers in an ensuing responsibility to “train the brain,” subsequently displacing failure from the device onto the individual’s ability to train his or her brain (in pediatric implantation, this most often falls onto the mother). New caregiving techniques that accompany implantation are understood through neuropolitics, showing how parents are encouraged to engage in neuro-self-governance, and how the concept of neuroplasticity is used to cultural ends.from

And some Hearing parents have been blogging about loving their Deaf children as they be… Deaf



and one mom shared in FB about how audiologist said have to do ABR with sedation but when she inquired about the side effects associated with sediating a 15 month old the receptionist referred her to the anesthesiology who said “studies have shown that there is a possibility for children under the age of 3 to develop severe health problems in the future, including neurological issues.” and if its not a medical necessity, no need to risk it.  (that is just the sedation for the ABR – the sedation for implantation surgery is stronger)

so what is a medical necessity?

other things in the news:

Uncool cops -

Seriously they is supposed to be peace officers – what is all this crap about denying Deaf folks civil liberties and worse yet killing them sometimes simply for being Deaf

latest – Deaf guy tasered in Ca. simply for using ASL and signaling he is Deaf

Others (note how many of these folks are People of Color – not cool cops, not cool)

African American Deaf man being held in Georgia Corrections facility without proper access

Police beat African American Deaf man for not obeying orders he couldn’t hear

White Deaf and Mentally Challenged woman beaten by police for not obeying orders

African American Deaf woman tasered by police when she sought help from dom. volience situation

African American Deaf mentally ill man on a bike dies after being tasered by police in SC

White Deaf man maced and beaten by copy and denied phone access in St. Paul – sues and wins $93,000

Latino Deaf man incarcerated for 30 years in isolating conditions for a crime his brother has since confessed to

African American Mentally Challenged Deaf man tasered and pepper sprayed by police in Alabama

Native American Deaf man killed by police – family awarded $1.5 million in civil settlement

Many others Deaf folks – especially POC have been killed or put in jail unjustly – racism and audism being the reasons.  Walking, running, driving, riding a bike while a POC and Deaf can be dangerous

Not cool, definitely not cool.

Also – MANY folks have told me that when they were arrested their hearing aids and cochlear implants have been taken away from them and denied use during the time of their being in jail.

hmmmmm.  at one end of the spectrum they are forcing cochear implants and digital devices onto infants and toddlers and at the other end they are forcing them off of them.

why do folks see Deaf as Death and why do they try to make Deaf dead

it aint no coincidence that the word for deaf and death are very similar in SEVERAL languages

odd eh?


greetings all

have much to share but have been BUSY so just some announcements:

1. the Georgetown symposium honoring the 100th Anniversary of Vedtiz’ Preservation of Sign Language and three major Pioneers to Sign Language research and documentation (J. Schuchman, B. Kannapell, and D. Cokely) was grand.

2. the NTID 2nd Deaf-mute Banquet and film discussion night honoring l’Epee’s 301st birthday and Veditz’ 100th anniversary of Preservation of Sign Language and other great films from 1913 was AWESOME!!!!!! i was so overjoyed!.  hope to blog about it soon.  You can see pix from the events at

3. there is a new website up featuring LOTS and LOTS of great stuff from George W. Veditz – feel free to browse it – especially all the primary documents.  If you have a question, you’d like to ask him – you can post it under ASK GEORGE or send an email.  see see what ya get back

4. The NAD had passed a motion re: Language Deprivation back in July of 2012 and according to the approved motion – “A full report including the first draft of a model legislation must be completed by December 1, 2013.”
Today is Dec 1, 2013 but i have seen NOTHING.  As in NADa.  Hopefully the NAD will share the draft legislation soon because while i was at the Gallaudet Archives looking through all the old reports by the NAD i couldnt help feeling like the FLA situation is very similar to what went down in Nebraska under signing CODA Oralist fanatic Frank Booth.  The NAD motion which was proposed by Kelby Brick is at the bottom of this blog entry in full so u know what we have to look forward to once the NAD does what it said it would do.

5. today is World AIDS Day so pls help to circulate these two ASL videos on HIV testing – it can save lives so pls do do.

Tapiwa Talks about Testing

Info on HIV testing

6. The Bear Hunt battle is back a bit as Dr. Eckert was challenging its presence in front of a Deaf school via a petition and as im seeing folks wake up more and more to the injustice of our (meaning us White folks) mis-representation and mis-appropriation of Native Americans to white-wash our genocide against Native people, their languages, and their cultures.

older entry on the topic – at the bottom of that post there are links to vlogs about the subject too…/10/03/bear-with-me-please/


NAD language deprivation motion

Author’s Name: Kelby Brick Seconded by: Beth Bendict, Nancy Bloch, Gertude Galloway, Jay Innes, Tawny Holmes,
Richard Jeffries, Kent Kennedy, Libby Pollard and Roz Rosen
Proposal: The NAD shall set up a Headquarters Ad-Hoc Committee to look into developing model state and federal legislation to prevent language deprivation.
The Committee shall be comprised of individuals with expertise in various relevant areas including legal, educational and socio- and neuro-linguistic development to look into the possibility of making liable actions that causes harm to Deaf children as a result of the deprivation of American Sign Language and develop model state and federal legislation for such liability.
The committee should also look into developing model state and federal legislation that would require medical and audiology personnel to refer deaf infants/children and their families to American Sign Language instruction and education prior to undertaking any medical procedure that may presume to provide hearing.
The committee should also develop a strategy for the adoption of these legislation including identifying which states may be most favorable as early adopters of those legislation.
This is to be an ad-hoc Headquarter committee reporting to the CEO. A full report including the first draft of a model legislation must be completed by December 1, 2013.
Rationale: Past attempts through the educational system to ensure that Deaf children are not isolated and linguistically deprived have experienced extremely limited success. Alternative approaches needs to be fully explored.
This motion is timely because the United Nations developed and adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (“CRPD”) to advance equality further throughout the world. The CRPD makes repeated specific references to the deaf community and sign language in its text.
The rationale and justification for this proposal comes from the abstract of Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches; Harm Reduction Journal 2012, 9:16 which specifically states:
“Children acquire language without instruction as long as they are regularly and meaningfully engaged with an accessible human language. Today, 80% of children born deaf in the developed world are implanted with cochlear devices that allow some of them access to sound in their early years, which helps them to develop speech. However, through early childhood, brain plasticity changes and children who have not acquired a first language in the early years might never be completely fluent in any language. If they
miss this critical period for exposure to a natural language, their subsequent development of the cognitive activities that rely on a solid first language might be underdeveloped, such as literacy, memory organization, and number manipulation. An alternative to speech-exclusive approaches to language acquisition exists in the use of sign languages such as American Sign Language (ASL), where acquiring a sign language is subject to the same time constraints of spoken language development. Unfortunately, so far, these alternatives are caught up in an “either – or” dilemma, leading to a highly polarized conflict about which system families should choose for their children, with little tolerance for alternatives by either side of the debate and widespread misinformation about the evidence and implications for or against either approach. The success rate with cochlear implants is highly variable. This issue is still debated, and as far as we know, there are no reliable predictors for success with implants. Yet families are often advised not to expose their child to sign language. Here absolute positions based on ideology create pressures for parents that might jeopardize the real developmental needs of deaf children. What we do know is that cochlear implants do not offer accessible language to many deaf children. By the time it is clear that the deaf child is not acquiring spoken language with cochlear devices, it might already be past the critical period, and the child runs the risk of becoming linguistically deprived. Linguistic deprivation constitutes multiple personal harms as well as harms to society (in terms of costs to our medical systems and in loss of potential productive societal participation).”
Because Headquarters have the legal staff and interns along with necessary key relationships with those having needed expertise, the committee should report to the CEO.
Fiscal Impact: Minimal. The ad hoc committee will be mostly made up of volunteers. NAD staff expertise on the commit- tee would be most helpful and staff’s time will have the biggest fiscal impact. The committee may also benefit from the research expertise of one of the law student interns that the NAD often has. The CEO may lend NADstaff and interns to the committee as he sees fit.
Steering Committee Comments: Merits Consideration.

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